Hey Everyone!

We are really excited to announce that, the NEW PROTOTYPE IS HERE!

If you follow us from the beginning, this prototype is an upgrade from the first one. We enhanced and polished the core gameplay, and added some new features like :

  • Rewind Time!

Now we added a new feature where the Main Character (Fel) can rewind the "regretful moment" to the very beginning, at any moment of the game. This will be useful in some moments, when you play the game.

  • Immagi!

As you know, Fel is not from this world... She's stuck in two worlds, the real world and the memory world. Immagis are the creatures that lives in a person's memory world, they portrays a person's main characteristic, in this case, Nala's.

  • New Character Design!

We have some new character design in this game, including The Main Character's!!!

  • New Cinematic clip!

A ton of cinematic clip is added in this version of the prototype, to make the storytelling more compelling.

  • New Environments!

A bunch of new models and textures is added to enhance the environments! There's also a new environment that can be explored in the game!

  • Mouth Dubbing!

We enhanced the storytelling by adding a mouth dubbing for the two characters (Nala and Grandpa)! Although it's not perfect yet, we're going to polish it later in the future.

  • Overall Graphic Quality enhanced

Updating models, and textures quality.

  • New Soundtrack!

Adding a bunch of new soundtracks to enhanced the storytelling!

  • New Control System

Smoothing the camera work, and collision system. Also the interaction system is much smoother than before, so you can interact with objects much easier!

  • New Interaction System

There's a new type of interaction with some objects and the Immagis! you can find out in the game, and tell us how is it!

And many more things that you can find!

You can join us in our journey by giving us some feedback for the future development of this game! There's a feedback form in the game that you can fill, or just put it in the comment! We would really appreciate it if you do so :)

Well, that's it for now, we're going to update the game frequently, and post some more in the future!







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As Always thank you for all the love and support!

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Sincerely, Calcatz Dev-Team


Jul 20, 2019
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Jul 20, 2019

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