Prototype V.0.0.2 (Bug fixing)

Hey Everyone!

First of all, thank you for all the support!

We're so glad that a lot of people have downloaded and play our first prototype, and we get so much input from you guys already!

So, we're updating some major bugs from the current gameplay to make it more stable! A lot of them related to make the level objectives more clear for the players to understand! And also, fixing a couple of Major bugs that breaks the gameplay.  And we're sorry about this, but we disabled the joystick controller temporarily cause it's not yet stable, we're going to fix this issue as soon as we can. 

We also add a little detail where your character, moves his/her head to where you look at!

You can see the release notes below for more detail!

Of course, it's not perfect yet, but hey... step by step right? We are always going to work on the prototype and keep updating it until it has a nice flow and more fun to play!

We're also going to post a devlog about what we're currently doing as much as possible! For now we're focused on fixing the prototype first.

That's all for now, as usual if you have input for the game, you can leave a comment in the game, or in the page, or.. in the link below:

Thank you, and happy Playing!

Undying Flower v0.0.2 (Early Prototype)
Release Notes:
-Added control guide at the beginning
-Fixed: Endless loading screen after pressing Enter on "Go Back In Time" button
-Fixed: Pause menu (restart and back to main menu functionality) if pausing when currently showing objective screen
-Fixed: Several objective screens were not showing
-Fixed: Interactables action menu not closing when transitioning to cutscene
-Cutscene is only skippable if it's already watched
-Several changes on game timeline/sequences
-Several changes on subtitles
-Several changes on Dialogue audio
-Character head now follows camera direction
-Changed several actions on interactable stuffs
-Changed action menu icons on interactable stuffs
-Hide any UI if Pause Menu is currently showing
-Hide any UI if Objective Screen is currently showing
-Disable Joystick Controller

[Warning! Notes below may contain potential SPOILER]
Highlight the text below to read.

-Fixed: Nala not wearing Headphone (in certain condition) after skipping cutscene

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Apr 13, 2019

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